Saturday, March 29, 2014

x race

Today we took part in some seriously awesome and sweaty family fun.  It's called the X Race and it's all over New Zealand.  Teams of two, one parent/adult and one child, compete in challenges and race to be the first over the finish line.  Well actually you go in "waves" so it doesn't actually matter who crosses the line first as you all get timed individually.  There was a lot of running (though you could walk), through gorgeous native forest and on tracks through paddocks.  We had to roll down a hill (I came close to vomiting), build things, do a painting, solve puzzles and answer quiz questions.  We loved it and it will be on the to do list next year for sure, with perhaps a bit of running training thrown in for good measure.  We'll be sure to bring a water bottle too as it's thirsty work!


  1. Awesome! Will so love to do this with out kids one day! Looks great fun :)

  2. Wow, well done. My friend's daughter broke her arm on the obstacle course so I am super impressed by you! It's a tough race!


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