Wednesday, October 2, 2013

the amazing dinner - NZ

So week three and already we're slacking a little.  No interesting facts this week and I didn't even photograph the dinner!  I will admit that I was feeling quite woozy and not up for any cooking or photographing.  I had to make an exception for the gorgeous mini pavlovas that B whipped up to go with the lamb chops and oakhill potatoes (a favourite from my childhood that Nana would make for us).  He made the cheese sauce for the potatoes using soy milky and a vegan packet mix which was really pretty yummy.

It was fun watching the Amazing Race teams travelling through New Zealand.  They had to do a crazy obstacle course wearing stubbies and gumboots, collecting eggs as they went. They also had to fish for trout, go jet boating and do a speed driving test in a paddock.  No sheep shearing but a sheep dog did accompany them on the egg gathering course. The cream on top of my mini pav is coconut cream recipe here.  I have some funny cream photos to share later too, the computer crashed as it was uploading so they'll have to wait till another day.  


  1. Oh wow! those pavs look AMAZING!! (hehe). But seriously, they look great!
    I love your Amazing race food posts.
    Hope you feel better soon x

  2. Loving these posts Meg - and that pav looks delish!


so lovely to hear from you xx