Thursday, May 9, 2013

sourdough help?

A bad thing happened in January.  Our fridge/freezer lost power while we were away and we returned to a defrosted mess.  The saddest part was that my lovingly tended sourdough starter was purple and repugnant and had to be immediately disposed of.   For almost two years it had lived in our kitchen.  B and I had grown it from scratch, a mixture of flour and water that we had to feed like a baby till it was established.  I got into a routine of baking every couple of days and our bread went from okay...  to amazing.

Since January I have only baked bread once, using yeast.  It was pretty good but really nowhere near what we were used to.  The boys have stopped asking for the homemade bread now :o(.  I had shared my starter with at least five others but none of them have kept it going.  I'm hopeful that somebody reading this might have their own beautiful starter that they'd be willing to share with us.  I have found a place online that I can buy it but I was strangely attached to our one and would much rather have one from someone I know (even vaguely).  Can you help?


  1. ooo I feel bad my batch of yours got flied! Shall we try to make one from scratch?

  2. I would love to learn how to make a starter. Did you follow a recipe from a book or online? The bread looks delicious! I hope you can track down another good starter


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