Monday, October 31, 2011

happy halloween

I love all things spooky and supernatural and so I love Halloween.  Not the annoying trick or treating part but the costumes.  When else is it acceptable to dress up like zombies and vampires and walk the streets mumbling and groaning?  Having said that, these ones were very last minute.  We headed to Motat for Olde Hallows Eve and it was great fun.  They had ghostly horse and carriage rides, coloured lights, fog machines, face painting, actors in Victorian garb and free freaky photos (yes that's B's head posing with us).  For the late night visitors (we left around half eight) they also had a steampunk band playing.  It was a good free night out.


  1. Grandpa8:05 AM

    Very cool - nice chatting with the boys last night. L&C Grandpa

  2. How do you find out about these events?

  3. Anonymous6:47 AM

    Great costumes and so scary. Would have loved being there too. Love from poppa and crazy nanna.

  4. Amazing, freaky photograph and what an incredible evening you had!

  5. That is one very cool freaky photo! Love the floating head!!


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