Monday, June 13, 2011

steampunk at motat

We went to Motat yesterday for their steampunk live day.  So many people in amazing costumes, having a great time. We went a little late so missed the costume workshops which I would have enjoyed, but were there for the crazy parade.  If you're in Auckland don't forget that Motat is free for the whole month of June!


  1. What a great day it was! This was more successfull what was initially expected and has left many people wanting more.

    How can I contact you regarding photos that were taken at the event?

    Prof Boris van Galvin
    021 212-9200

  2. Oo thanks for the heads up re the month of June! So taking the kids... & I actually love steampunk! Went through a steampunk fiction phase a year or so back. Gutted we missed this, looks great! :)

  3. Wonderful pics of lovely steam punks. xx

  4. o man i wish id gone...

  5. Grandpa9:18 PM

    You take the boys to such great events - very cool photos's

    Grandpa xxooxx


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