Sunday, February 13, 2011

this is my first ever sausage sizzle!!!!

Today our five year old had his first sausage sizzle and it was awesome.  The yummy sausages were from the Westmere Butcher and the bread was grainy and delicious.

Thanks to Allergy NZ for a fun party.  There were plenty of kids wearing medic alert bracelets and most people were double checking the ingredients of the soy, nut, egg and dairy free sausages (just in case).

We also had some lovely dark chocolate sorbet.  I spoke to another mum who was almost teary to see her boys enjoying chocolate. It was pretty special to be some place that having allergies was normal.  So often I struggle with his allergies and at times have to force myself to not think about the "what ifs"...  What if another kid gives him something and tells him it's dairy free?  What if he feels like rebelling and eats something on purpose?  What if he has an anaphylactic reaction and nobody spots it and he doesn't get his epipen in time?  See it's not worth thinking about!

This week at school they did "I is for Ice cream" so of course they ate ice cream.  The teacher let me know in advance so I could bring him in an icy treat of his own and I did talk to her about safety and hand washing.

However the thought of a big class of five year olds with drippy melting ice creams was kinda terrifying!!!  He has had an anaphylactic reactions to tiny bits of dairy before (a chocolate pebble once and a sip of milky coffee another time) so we're pretty sure that any ice cream would necessitate adrenaline and an ambulance trip to the hospital.  Luckily they kept him safe and all was well.  I must admit I did contemplate keeping him home from school.  I know that with him at school I have to let go a little, allow him to be more responsible for himself.  With him gone all day I have to trust that he'll be looked after and try not to think about the what ifs...


  1. Hey, I'm glad he had a good time there!
    I texted you about the event yesterday, but you probably already knew about it.

  2. Grandpa8:05 PM

    # 2 has a very responsible understanding of his allergies - all credit to his mum and dad. Great that you could get together with other parents who understand first hand the constant need to be vigilant about what their children are eating. The lovely photo of a happy smiling boy made nana cry. Much love Grandpa xxooxx

  3. Hi heard about this but didn't get to go, sounds fabulous.
    Have your kefir growing- need to get together and hand it over xx

  4. That is awesome, having only minor brushes with allergies reading your posts is so enlightening, that is so nerve wracking about the school thing, I am sure he is in excellent hands but still must be so difficult to hand him over every day.

  5. YAY for the new schoolBoy getting to have sausage sizzle :)
    Lets walk soon?? I am scrag-free tomorrow after 10am??

  6. those sausys look gorgeous, i am super fussy about sausages... we used to live in westmere !!

  7. Oh how happy does he look?!
    I was invited to go to this and couldnt but those sausages and bread look divine!!! yUM

  8. Sounds like a wonderful event! It's so nice to "meet" another mom with a child who is also anaphylactic to dairy.

    I keep on hoping my daughter will grow out of her allergies but the reality is it's unlikely. My husband and I have been talking about school ever since she was diagnosed. We've been debating homeschooling just because of her allergies. It's terrifying because dairy isn't as "accepted" as an anaphylaxis allergen like nuts and peanuts are.

    So glad to have found you. I have a number of vegan recipes on my blog... hopefully you can make some of them for your son (the chocolate avocado pudding is fantastic).

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!


  9. I'm not sure if you found it yet, but the link to the recipe page on my blog is as follows:

    I'm pregnant with my second child and I've often wondered what we'll do if child #2 isn't allergic to dairy. Would we still keep dairy out of the house? It sounds like your child who's not allergic gets to eat dairy. I guess it's about education, "letting go", and learning to trust your child who has the allergies.


so lovely to hear from you xx