Sunday, January 9, 2011

five at last

Excited?  No not at all.

We played pin the star on the rocket.

Then the kids made space telescopes (poked holes into a piece of paper stuck onto a cardboard tube) and decorated paper bags and party hats with stickers and twistable crayons.

A few impromptu games of twister, and then the smashing of the cake (photo of cake).

Soon followed by the gobbling of the cake (and all those lollies hiding inside the rocket's dome).

We had an indoor treasure hunt for the silver painted moon rocks which we then decorated with googly eyes and marker pens, instant pet rocks to take home!  So in the end the fact that it rained wasn't really a problem after all.


  1. Now that is one very very cool party!!! Love the smashing of the cake idea - well done.

  2. That is so awesome. What a great collection of cool ideas. I am so stealing some of these for our 5 year old party in May! (Will link in to you of course!)

  3. Awesome looking party!!! well done :e

  4. What an awesome party. I love the smashing cake idea. They did some cool craft too.

  5. What a lovely party, I love how you have kept it so simple and at home and look at the fun they are having!
    The smashing cake idea is awesome, might have to steal that sometime.

  6. Wow, what a great party!! Love the ideas, you are so creative. The photos are great too!

  7. How absolutely gorgeous - love all your creative party ideas here. The bags, the moon rocks - so cool! One very happy 5 year old there!

  8. How did I not comment on this before??? I have seen it I'm sure. It's fab. I love it.
    So gorgeous, and i love those space rocks. they look amazing :)


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