Saturday, July 18, 2009


We've been writing birthday thank you cards this past week. Actually #1 has been writing them himself which is lovely. After various melt downs and much frustration we've discovered that if he dictates to me I can write it down and then he can copy it. No more tears!

I think it's really important to write thank you cards to people who send gifts as we live away from a lot of family. We made a stack of them up before Christmas and wrote in them on the day! Kinda geeky but it was also quite nice. It made the kids think about it a bit and appreciate their gifts more too. I'm not very good at sending Christmas cards before the 25th. Most years I don't do it at all.


  1. Grandpa12:35 PM

    That's a great thing to encourage the boys to do Megan. I think manners are the foundation to a good character - the suns just broken out - no more fog.
    L & C Grandpa xxooxx

  2. Well done boys! Nice writing as well. I often think about writing the letters on the day too. It seems easier and makes more sense. Might just try it this year. Was just looking at your Christmas Decoration post. That's just what we do too! They just love picking a special one each year, don't they?

    Golly it's sooo windy here right now, hope we don't blow away!


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